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Yixing Changfeng bulk bag company was founded in 1999, with an annual output of various types of high-grade packaging bag / ton bag 1800000, more than 500 above the high quality customer service, which contains more than 30 world top 500 enterprises.

Changfeng bulk bag company has clean production workshop 38000 square meters, 550 sets of production equipment, 360 people of worker.

Changfeng bulk bag company passed ISO9001 certification, the European 21898-2005 certification, TYPE-D bag and TYPE-C container bag (American CHILWORTH, British BTTG, IBE-BVI of Belgium, Switzerland IS&S certification) certificate.

C type explosion-proof electric bag, and obtain certification, the effective removal of static electricity.
TYPE-D conductive explosion-proof container bags, and obtain certification, the effective removal of static electricity
Cylinder expansion proof container bag, container bag can improve the loading capacity of 25%.
Anti inflation inner bag and outer bag connection effect chart
Free pallet pallet bag, save cost, easy to use
The container bag pressure simulation experiment machine, the strength of 1 tons -20 tons, computer control pressure.
Conductive bag testing (European imports of equipment, each conductive bag are tested by the factory)
Pack (5 units)
Food grade clean workshop (blowing film thickness --20 wire 5 wire)
Full automatic bag forming machine (QS certification)
Test equipment (QUV aging test machine, cloth tape strength machine, high and low temperature test chamber)
The inner and outer bag glue spraying machine (the use of food grade glue, to ensure that the inner and outer bag bonded area of more than 80%)
The metal detection (5 units, each container bags are tested after the factory)
Sewing workshop 1 (80 sets of sewing machines)
Sewing workshop 2 (40 sets of sewing machines)
Clean sewing workshop (30 sets of sewing machines, air quality reached 300 thousand levels)
Cutting (10 sets of various types of automatic cutting machine)
Weaving (20 looms)
Drawing (4 high-speed wire drawing machine)
The internal strength of dust (6 units, each container bag after the dust inside the can factory)


  • Manager: Zhuang Xiaofeng
  • Cell phone: 13906158810
  • Telephone: 0510-87885988
  • Fax: 0510-87885688
  • 0510-87880016
  • Zip code: 214216
  • Mailbox: [email protected]
  • [email protected]
  • Address: Yixing City, Jiangsu province and the town of Fu Lane Bridge

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